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Mind-body medicine doctor in beverly hills


   Dr. Schechter did his undergraduate work at Princeton and attended NYU Medical School (where he worked with John Sarno MD).  He went west, as they say, to do his residency in Family Medicine at UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital.  After residency he taught at the USC School of Medicine and obtained a CAQ in Sports Medicine and worked with athletic teams in the downtown area.  Dr. Schechter moved toward private practice, reconnected with John Sarno, MD and his mind-body practice was rekindled.  

   Over the last twenty five years in private practice, Dr. Schechter has conventionally treated many thousands of individuals for sports injuries, acute back pain, etc.  But of interest to many, Dr. Schechter has treated over four thousand chronic pain patients with the TMS/PPD healing model.  He has published several papers on his work, mostly while Principal Investigator for the Seligman Medical Institute which funded this work for four years.  

    He has also written The MindBody Workbook and created The MindBody AudioProgram and MindBody Patient Panel to educate patients about this condition.  These materials are used as part of a home program by many of his TMS patients.  Most recently the MindBody Healing Journey online program.   He is a physician and an author.

    Dr. Schechter is in private practice in Culver City, California seeing general patients, sports  and other musculoskeletal injuries, back pain, etc.  He is internationally known for his work with chronic pain-- pain that persists, is difficult to diagnose and has not been successfully treated by conventional and alternative approaches.

    Dr. Schechter is on the medical staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and has lectured widely at conferences, etc.  Dr. Schechter's recent publications include Think Away Your Pain, The MindBody Workbook for teens and a revised Understanding and Healing from TMS.  Also the new online program.



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