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Dr. Schechter has created educational material comprising a "home education program" for this condition.   The Workbook has been popular for a long time because it gets you doing what you need to do to get well--- expressing, acknowledging, and releasing emotion!   

Think Away Your Pain


Think Away Your Pain presents a revolutionary approach to relieve suffering and eliminate chronic pain. Unexplained, untreated, persistent pain in the back, neck, arms, pelvis and elsewhere prevent many people from enjoying life. Chronic pain causes lasting misery that can disrupt careers, relationships and derail potential. You will learn how chronic pain becomes a condition of the brain as much as the body. Think Away Your Pain shows you how to use the immense power of your thoughts and beliefs to literally change the neural circuitry of your brain. Dr. Schechter combines scientific evidence with clinical experience and psychological insight to teach a systematic method to control and eliminate pain.. with the mind. With 25 years in the field, Dr. Schechter has cured thousands of patients with this mind/brain based program. Are you ready to Think Away Your Pain? This book teaches the TMS healing method where changing thought, expressing feelings, and understanding can and do change the neural circuitry of the brain and eliminate the pain. This Dr. Schechter discusses research supporting the approach including research by the author. Some will find this a more contemporary version of John Sarno's books on this subject. Others will find this a fascinating interface between medicine, psychology, and neuroscience. For the chronic pain sufferer limited in function, distressed by suffering and hopeless about the future, this book offers realistic hope.

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The MindBody Workbook


This Workbook offers the reader a thirty-day structured journal to identify and heal from psychological issues that may be causing back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches, RSI, TMJ, and other disorders.

The author, Dr. David Schechter, a former student of Dr. John Sarno, has developed a Workbook that instructs and guides the reader through a process of insight and awareness to harness the mindbody connection. This workbook was a key element in a published study that demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach-

An online program that really covers all the bases of the TMS/PPD diagnosis, treatment, and healing journey.  Over five hours of self-study material, user friendly, calming.  

MD and Psychologist collaborate to teach, guide, and support you.  So much out there and this can be confusing.  Read a book or two and then you are ready for this program.  New 2021.

The MindBody Workbook for teens

A two week guided journal for adolescents.  Exposing the teenager to the importance of emotions, their link to physical and psychological health, and developing a skill for journaling is the core of this brief but powerful workbook.

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MindBody Workbook in Spanish
        en espanol


A thirty day guided journal for back pain and other disorders.  This structured program allows you to express emotion and connect with pain and other physical symptoms that may arise from internal emotions.


Gradually, as the weeks go on, you learn deeper insights and typically feel more relief.

En espanol.   Puede escribe sus respuestas en espanol.  Las preguntas estan en espanol tambien. 

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