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TV Interview:  Barry Kibrick, Host of Between the Lines, interviewed me on KLCS/PBS and it was shown nationally.  Watch here:   here:  (March 2017)

 Podcast:  Straight Shot Health with Kevin Cuccaro, D.O.

    An in-depth interview with a physician who is dedicated to alternatives to injections and surgery for pain.   The interview is very informative.   Click "play in new window" to play it.  Also on itunes  "Straight Shot Health" podcast. 

Podcast : interview with Dr. Schechter, February 2015


Professor Daniele Boleilli, "The Drunken Taoist" does a sketchy intro (can skip) but a great interview:    His website,, episode 57. 


Podcast: Interview with Brad Allen, mid-February 2015, about mind-body, chronic pain, and Think Away Your Pain.  Listen or watch here:

Radio Interview:  Interview with Wendy DiBella in Phoenix, April 18, 2015, about Think Away Your Pain

Podcast Interview - Dr. Schechter w Wendy Dibella
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Podcast:  Interview with Brandi Glanville April 15, 2015.   This celebrity host has a personal interest in the subject.  

Radio Interview:  A medical student from UCI who hosts the radio show PILLS, interviewed me about my work. Insightful questions and clarifying answers.   Listen here:  (March 22, 2016)

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