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Reviews of Think Away Your Pain

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Dr. Schechter and he really knows what he is talking about!

ByMichael j Murphyon June 1, 2015            Format: Paperback


I have only read a small portion of the book but I have met with Dr. Schechter and he really knows what he is talking about! I had incredible pain, insomnia and blood pressure readings that were off the chart... and after following his plans..... I sleep, rarely feel pain and blood pressure is in the normal range.




Must read

ByDowntown "DowntownDB"on May 25, 2015                      Format: Paperback


As someone who has tried many different professionally suggested "treatments and fixes" for my chronic lower back pain, I have found none of them to be lasting. They are more a quick fix. Dr. Schechter takes a step back and intelligently offers a thoughtful and insightful approach that gets underneath and to the core of what is causing chronic back pain. It is an enlightening and easy to understand read. Finally a book that gives hope without take this, crack that, and there is always surgery. Bravo.



For every person with TMS or chronic pain

ByJohnon May 16, 2015                                            Format: Paperback


I bought this book from Dr Schechter's office. I have read many other books, but I felt this one is very practical and the explanation to be not too theoretical but more oriented towards the average person instead of medically trained people.
It explains the essence of TMS and the latest methodologies on how to deal with it.
     If you are not familiar with TMS, you want to get this book and Dr Sarno's Healing Back Pain.... they could totally transform and shift your focus to what really is going on and how you can stop it.



Read this book! There IS light at the end of the tunnel!

BySparatikon May 12, 2015                    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase


I've been a patient of Dr. Schechter's for about five years, and all the while struggled with back and neck pain that would come and go. Around the time we had ruled out anything structural as the cause, this book came out. I read it slowly, letting all the information sink in, and it has changed my life! He repeats major concepts and reminds you that your pain is REAL, not imagined, like so many try to tell you. He helps you connect to your body and mind on a deeper level to unlock other possibilities of where the pain might be coming from. He helps neutralize ANXIETY by telling you that if you have ruled out structural damage or other conditions (MRI, Xrays, blood test, etc), it is simply your mind caught in a vicious cycle. He breaks down this pain cycle in non-medical jargon so it's easy to digest and helps you out of the cycle throughout the course of the book. He also gives you the understanding that you need to handle future pain attacks, if they even occur, and if they do next steps to dig deeper to find the root cause.


Author, Physician, David Schechter, MD

Comments from Individuals Who Have Reviewed or Used the Online Course so Far:


"The Mindbody Healing Journey course includes a breadth of psychoeducation, medical, behavioral, and emotional based approaches to heal from chronic pain. 

Dr. Schechter and Dr. Barker combine their years of knowledge and expertise to seamlessly interweave research-based approaches offering hope for healing and research to back it up every step of the way."

                                                               Jamie Neiree Innerfield Shafir, ACSW, Mind-Body Therapist and Health Coach, The Mind Body Therapy Center

"Dr. Schechter (MD) and Dr. Barker (Psychologist) provide a beautiful pairing of professions to amplify, and highlight, the holistic approach to TMS/MindBody Syndrome. This course was thoughtfully structured, as a guide, to help patients understand and work through their TMS/PPD issues."                                      Vanessa Sedano, ACSW, Los Angeles

"Dr. Schechter and Dr. Barker are veterans in the field of mind-body medicine, and this program they've put together provides a concise education on TMS and the recovery process. They provide simple, yet powerful tools to use on one's Healing Journey in a format that is very user friendly and easy to navigate"      Daniel Gaines, LCSW

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